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Handling the Feet

 turned into running with my yearling Pooka. She is an Arab-Shire filly. She leads OK and isn't always fearful of us. She comes as much as us whilst we input the sector and will let us puppy her when she is lying down. So nowadays I decided it become time to address her ft.

Just do it...

I had a friend preserve her lead rope at the same time as I began to the touch her leg. I essentially did the antique technique and retreat working my manner all the way down to her hoof. This went properly. I then tried to pick out up her hoof and matters did no longer go so properly. She attempted to transport and bounce around. I attempted to dangle on however she is ready 500-six hundred lbs so in the end, she gained.

Plan B: Regroup and try once more...

OK, so perhaps I turned into a bit short to handle her toes. So, I decided to take it a chunk slower. I took my lead rope (15 ft) and tossed it over her lower back repeatedly. She became OK with this as I had completed this earlier than together with her. I then tossed the lead rope round her ft. I might swing the rope so it would wrap around her legs. She did no longer like this. Pooka would kick and attempt to get away. I would just preserve tossing the rope and ensuring her nose turned into pointing toward me, so I wouldn't get kicked, until she stood nonetheless. Eventually she did. After a chunk of a fight she stood nevertheless and all turned into OK. The rope around her legs did no longer kill her and he or she stood nevertheless while it occurred.

Now it turned into time to select up her leg. I took the lead rope and put it around her foot. So, essentially I had this huge loop in my rope that went round her leg. If I dropped one end of the rope he leg might be unfastened, simply in case all hell broke loose. While maintaining her nose pointed towards me I seesawed the rope from side to side all over the higher to lower elements of her leg. When Pooka was OK with this I pulled at the loop picking her foot up. She jumped round and kicked but I changed into safe, nose pointed in the direction of me, and the rope felt no ache. Once she must stand nevertheless and let me maintain her leg up for two seconds I could launch the tension and allow her placed her leg down. I then labored up to 4 seconds and then 10. Once I could keep her leg up for 10 seconds I decided that it become time for me to choose up her hoof with my hand.

Finally (OK, handiest 20 mins later)

After all this I once more tried to select up her hoof with my hand. Wow, no problem. She let me select it up. I might keep it for 2 seconds and permit it cross. Then 4 seconds. The 10 seconds. Then I took a pick and picked out her foot.

That turned into an excellent day for Pooka so I allow her pass on her way.

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