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Your First Cichlid Aquarium

So you are thinking about trying cichlids. A right desire. In this text I shall attempt to supply some examples of precise cichlid aquariums which might be appropriate for novices. I've attempted to suggest set-united states of americaso as to be stunning and easy to maintain, and species which are easily bred so you would possibly study this charming side of cichlid behaviour.

This article goals people who have not that an awful lot experience with aquariums in standard and cichlids specifically. If you are a extra experienced aquarist who's simply new to cichlids these set-u.S.A.Will nonetheless be properly, and you've got quite a few other options as properly because you are probable capable of preserving greater sensitive species than those cautioned in this text.


It is possible to keep a few cichlids, along with Lamprologus ocellatus, in very small aquariums. However, to your first cichlid aquarium I might advise a larger aquarium of no less than 30 gallons/a hundred and twenty L. There are numerous reasons for this:

- A large aquarium is easier to hold and less difficult to preserve in exact situation.

- Cichlids are competitive. Some cichlids are a lot extra aggressive than others, however nearly all cichlids are competitive and a bigger aquarium makes it simpler for weaker fish to avoid this hostility.

- Cichlid behaviour is usually greater interesting if you could keep a couple of remoted pair in an aquarium. For example this can let you see the mother and father guarding their young.

Water conditions:

Which water conditions you have to have relies upon on which cichlids you need to preserve in view that their possibilities differ significantly. For your first aquarium I endorse preserving species that are less touchy to water conditions, and in case you pick out to strive the species I recommend in this text you normally won't must think about water situations. I do not endorse retaining cichlids from the tremendous African lakes as your first cichlids in case you are an inexperienced aquarist, on the grounds that they have got extra specialised needs.


The cichlids I suggest receive all type of meals, however I might propose giving them a diverse weight-reduction plan including pellets/flakes, frozen food and coffee stay food.


Now to the fun element: choosing fish species on your new aquarium. I will deliver 3 examples of possible aquariums. The first one has its foundation in African rivers and is greater friendly, even as the second one features cichlids from Central America. I will even give an offer for a composition that has its origins within the Amazon. However this composition is a little bit more difficult to get to breed and requires a larger aquarium. I would suggest at least 50 gallon/ two hundred L.

1. African cichlid aquarium (30 gallons)

1 pair of kribs (Pelvicachromis pulcher)

1 pair of African butterfly cichlids (Anomalochromis thomasi)

1 pair of Egyptian mouth-brooders (Pseudocrenilabrus multicolor)

4 Ancistrus (plecos)

2. Central American aquarium (30 gallons):

1 pair of Archocentrus sajica (T-Bar cichlid)

1 pair of convicts (Archocentrus nigrofasciatus)

2 Hypostomus (plecos)

three. Amazon aquarium (50 gallons):

four angelfish ( Pterophyllum scalare)

1 pair of Aequidens curviceps

1 pair of Aequidens maronii (Keyhole cichlid)

6 Ancistrus (plecos)

Tank set-ups:

1. African cichlid aquarium

All of these species are surprisingly friendly and have one of a kind behaviours that will reduce strain among the specific pairs. These species decide on a nicely planted aquarium and leave your plant life on my own so that you can use all forms of plant life. They additionally require hiding and spawning places. Kribs spawn in caves which may be created using roots, rocks and flowerpots. A. Thomasi spawns on flat surfaces consisting of rocks. You will must leave free regions with out plant life and rocks to create swimming space and permit you to see your fish extra often. Use pleasant sand as this promotes spawning of Egyptian mouth-brooders. If you simply keep the aquarium clean and your fish well fed they'll thrive and spawn on this aquarium. If you locate your aquarium a little empty you may upload a few small schooling fish which includes tetras to the upper water stages.

2. Central American aquarium

The species on this set-up are more competitive, and is the reason why I only endorse maintaining two species on this tank. Both species lay their eggs on rocks so caves are not that necessary, however I might still endorsed which you create a few as hiding places as those species can be quite competitive. This is specially actual whilst they're spawning and worrying for their young. A sajica generally leaves your flora by myself, however convicts regularly consume plants, so I propose using more hardy plants which include sword plant life, anubias and Java ferns if you want to apply plants. Whether to preserve flora or no longer is absolutely up to the aquarist. The cichlids will thrive with or without flowers as long as you offer some hiding locations. Both species are very clean to breed and it's miles almost not possible to hold convicts from spawning. It can be very difficult to locate new houses for the fry, so I recommend letting the parents hold their younger and spot if any live to tell the tale. In this aquarium some normally will.

Three. Amazon aquarium

As I said earlier, it is best for this aquarium to be at the least 50 gallons considering that these fish get a little bigger. Angelfish shouldn't be saved in aquariums which can be less than 50 cm/ 20 inches excessive. These species are nonetheless clean to care for but require a touch more from their keeper to spawn. The aquarium need to be properly planted with loose regions for the fish to swim in. Use huge sword flora or cryptocoryne species to offer the angels what they want to spawn. The different species calls for roots or rocks to spawn on. Caves aren't vital however leading, in particular for A. Curviceps. If you find this aquarium a little empty you would possibly upload a few unfastened-swimming education fish to the aquarium. Never use neon tetras with angelfish, as angelfish like to devour them. The same is authentic for some of different small tetras. If you keep the water clean and the fish properly fed they'll thrive and with a touch bit of success, spawn.

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