Your First Dressage Competition

You have in the end determined your best horse, but riding around at home has started to get a bit dull. You have had a couple of dressage classes and it appears to be the fashion of driving that fits your new first-rate buddy. Your teacher has suggested which you begin coming into some competitions, what a brilliant idea; you may meet some different horse mad humans and have a bit of a laugh.

First off you want to discover a competition that is being held to your location and this is at your level. The starting degree of dressage is Preliminary, however maximum golf equipment will even maintain stroll/trot assessments (no canter) that are splendid for first timers. Your instructor maybe capable of assist out with locating a opposition to attend, otherwise communicate for your neighborhood saddlery store or neighborhood driving golf equipment.

Once you have decided on the proper one and entered (maximum competitions are nearly usually pre entry, regular about 2 weeks in superior), you have to have a exercise of your desired test (tests are carried out in a hard and fast vicinity known as a dressage arena with unique markers, your trainer will let you out with this).

Don't over exercise as your horse may additionally start to expect the transitions (exchange from one gait to every other on his/her very own), however instead practice the man or woman actions. Make certain that whilst you ask your horse to trot, it does, like wise with halt, canter and another actions required.

Some instances you perhaps capable of have a 'caller'. This is someone who stands beside the dressage arena (usually they stand at the out of doors of the arena at the markers E or B), and calls out, the required motion before you perform it. Even if you realize your take a look at definitely well, it may be a superb comfort to have someone there beside the arena with the reminder, simply in case. It is super if you have a person you know. But at maximum competitions there may be someone available, in case you can not find a person inclined.

Make sure you've got all the correct equipment/turnout and apparel required. Once once more your instructor, informed buddy or saddlery store may be able to assist you.

Sometimes the membership (or organizing committee) will publish out to you a copy of 'the draw'. The draw will set out all of the competitors' names, tests to be ridden, arenas and approximate competing times. If the membership does now not publish one out, then check to make certain your entries have been received and failed to wander off within the mail! When you obtain your draw test to look that you are entered in the ideal take a look at. Take be aware of your approximate starting time and arena wide variety.

When first starting out, I could advise which you arrive to the competition grounds early in the morning too will let you find out where you will be competing (you can must select up your competition number). This shall we your horse loosen up in a abnormal surroundings and allows you the opportunity to peer different human beings competing. Keep a watch on the time, your area and the draw, so that you recognise where they're up to and how close to time they're jogging. You may additionally want to be prepared to experience a chunk in advance or they perhaps at the back of time.

Everyone's horse is distinct and will require a different quantity of heat-up. Your horse desires to be secure, calm and responsive earlier than you begin the take a look at. Between you and your teacher you need to be capable of put together a warm up software. Remember to heat up within the particular vicinity; there need to be signs and symptoms or a person to tell you.

Most golf equipment additionally require you to have a 'tools take a look at' completed before you enter the competion location. This is a easy test that lets in them to make certain you've got the proper system and that your tack is in correct running order. If there are any problems the 'gear take a look at steward' will inform you what the problem is and whether or not it calls for immediately interest. Don't panic! If there is a problem, just try to rectify it speedy, most of your fellow competition could have spare system/tack that will help you out in a emergency.

Generally every arena may have 2 judges in attendance, normally sitting in their vehicles at the far or C stop. When the competitor earlier than you has completed and has left the arena, start to ride your horse around the outside. This offers you and your horse the opportunity to relax and spot the vicinity you'll be riding in. It additionally gives the judges the threat to complete up the last competition test sheets. Some judges may be slow at this whilst others are fast, have a observe preceding competition to gauge how a great deal time you'll have.

Once the decide (commonly the middle one) is prepared for you, they well known you. But maintain a watch on them too see while they are equipped. When they're trip over to center car in a well timed fashion. Remember that first impressions count. Generally it's miles first-rate to aspect as much as the car, dealing with the area.

You might be asked you name and horses call, try to be clear and courteous. From this factor the choose will let you know that they may be equipped. And you may commonly have 60 seconds to enter the arena when they toot there vehicle horn (or bell).

Ride down the out facet of the area, then start to circle (generally about a 15 to 10 m radius) on the gate (journey so you are aiming instantly on the gate way, this allows you to make an excellent entrance).

By this level your 'caller' may be in region and can have called the first motion (E.G. A enter working trot, X halt salute). You should of previously practiced you salute at domestic, watch a few different riders to get an concept of what's required.

Take a deep breath, loosen up and journey hopefully into the area. If matters go wrong don't panic, it is not the cease of the world. Remember to breath - I have hyper ventilated in a check! If the judge toots there horn whilst you are nevertheless competing, it means that either you've got completed some thing incorrectly or there's something the decide is concerned approximately. Ride to the judge (whilst still within the area) and notice what the hassle is. Try now not to ride out of the arena till you have completed, as this may incur elimination.

Once you have got finished your take a look at, leave the arena at a walk and reward your horse. Some judges will pay attention to you leaving and the way you treat your horse. Remember to thank you 'caller' for a brilliant activity and go back on your waft (depending on what different assessments you could need to do).

At the stop of the day (or in advance if you are lucky) your check results may be to be had. Both of the judges can have stuffed out a test sheet on your overall performance. There might be feedback and a rating out of 10 for each movement.

You may want you teacher to assist with reading a number of this.

Most typically you'll obtain a complete percent % for your test (both judges marks combined), the very best percent rating may be deemed the winner. Awards for all of the prize winners can be presented on the end of opposition. Even if you do not win something it's far nevertheless exceptional to aid those who did.

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